Writing & Publishing Tips : Children's Creative Writing Contests

Writing & Publishing Tips : Children's Creative Writing Contests

To enter a child’s writing in a creative writing contest, encourage the child as much as possible, make sure the writing has been revised and edited, and meet all the deadlines for the contest. Complete the registration and submission requirements for a children’s creative writing contest with information from a writer and instructor in this free video on writing contests.

Expert: Laura Turner
Bio: Laura Turner received her B.A. in English from the University of the South in Sewanee, Tenn., graduating magna cum laude with honors. Her plays have been seen and heard from Alaska to Tennessee.
Filmmaker: Todd Green

hi my name is Laura and today I'm going to talk with you about children's creative writing contests if you see that your child is a budding writer you're going to want to encourage their talent as much as you can because children are going to start to do what they want to do very early on especially things that they have talent for so you're going to want to nurture that by of course allowing them to enter in creative writing contests but also to try to work up their work to a publishing level the playwright Tennessee Williams actually got his start after submitting one of his place to a creative writing contest and in winning so that's just a little tidbit of information to get your child started in these contests make sure it's the child's decision something personal like writing has to come from within not without know that you're not going to be able to push them into into writing if they don't want to go there it's just like enrolling them in a singing contest and they don't really like to sing so really make sure your tune to what they want to do make sure you meet the deadlines and requirements for the contest does the child had to be nominated by the school in order to enter the contests in some cases is there a length requirement for the work is there a registration or entrance fee all these are things you need to think about when you're entering in these contests once you work out the technicalities make sure your child knows the importance of proofreading and revising the work and offer your help when needed but don't push yourself on your little brooding writer but do make sure that near your son or daughter is putting out the thing that they need to put out which is their best work so good luck with entering your children's creative writing contest


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