Written explanation (Statement of Intention)

Written explanation (Statement of Intention)

What are written explanations? They are pieces of writing that you write, to analyse your OWN writing – inception much?

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everyone local nurseries funny guys your place for weekly English tips and so I started to share new advice with you guys because I've just come back from an immensely technically overseas I listed Malaysia and Singapore where my cousin Queen Mary's nobody congratulations guys so that was really fun and exciting but it also meant that there's a lot of reorganization with my private tutoring sessions and also for my seminar answers that I have making sure that most students will have to date with everything they need to be while I was away so I'm different size feedback and sharing English advice if you guys so let's get excited written explanations what are they read information is depending on what fully version they displayed with different things people also know them a statement of intention to summarize in a nutshell it is essentially like running an analysis on your own writing written explanations are generally paired with an essay that you've written so that essay might be persuasive it might be creative or any other form but what it does is it gives your teacher understanding as to why you make certain decisions when you decided to write this particular essay so what kind of decisions are we talking about relax see black preachers will form language audience taggers and context now knots or might not necessarily follow the same structure or the same rule flap see they might modify it the Maloney's and say flat feet but that's okay at the end of the day as long as you have some of these elements or something similar then you're on the right track when it comes to written explanation so if we work upon the club scene we'll let see how we would write the written explanation at four o'clock there are traditionally three forms of writing assisted in assessment expository creative or persuasive at maze depending what your assessment requires you to do you will need to explain why your shoes are certain form so let's say you do a creative piece you want to explain why you went ahead and decided to do a short story or why we're going to do a round or if not that then perhaps a problem forms of writing are really important because it's essentially the structure of your essay it's the appearance of it how the message is delivered here's an example I chose to write in a letter format because I aim to portray the thinking process on one of the minor characters Gardiner Florida Lieutenant language when writing or choose to use particular words or phrases to illustrate your ideas thinking about what practice knowledge is used and why for example did you use formal language did you use informal was the language sophisticated with shapes with vocabulary or did you keep it simple for a particular reason did you write it for first-person perspective did you learn it from a third-person perspective usually every one of these factors and a little bit of something unique to your piece you also need to think about other language techniques we might have use Maya symbolism metaphors alliteration and more for example I have also written from the first-person perspective in order to pay a very personal and private stream of consciousness from garden art audience every piece of buying always has annoyance rather than just aim is not useful my teacher Tory or my essay is for other students in my classroom to read be a little bit more creative than that if your team is exploring a particular idea or a particular theme under certain as the people out there who could really relate to your piece and take a vitamin or learn from it for example if you're dealing with conflict and a character in your crease is going through something that feels morally conflicting then perhaps the audience could be other people who are also going through inner conflict for example my case is designed to be read by virtual office struggling with any kind of inner conflict I'm intentionally rated to depart with a greater understanding that in conflate is something that may not necessarily be resolved in my own zone or even in a matter of way perfect fit and relax a little bit in the audience because you could definitely pair them together when talking about why you've written in this case for in particular audience essentially the purpose is the message that you want to send to your audience what do you want them to take away from your piece I'm Alena C C stands for context context is usually the background of your piece so you could talk about certain things from your text that you've used as a basis of your discussion in your essay for example I thought the idea of that comforting ellebra change of people every German town is conflicts which drive individuals to challenge themselves and to deal with new experiences summer offers that helps in terms of written explanations for segment intention if you like this video has been please subscribe to this channel and if you already have give it a thumbs up because I was last year whether or not this was helpful for you guys if you ignore additional classes on Sunday mornings in moment so if you're interested then I'll put a link down below for you guys to check out let's do a few spots left for absolutely love to meet you guys otherwise if you can't come into the city then feel free to visit my website www.hsn.com because it's an amazing team of cheers on board who I'm grooving so they can meet up with you either at your place or a local library I had an Alfred asleep I will see you next week for another video on English tips okay


  1. Thank you so much I have a sac next week and edrolo did not help at all. the complex language confused me and took me a while to get my head around but with this simple approach, I feel much more confident.

  2. This video could not have come at a better time. Have a sac on writing a creative piece coming up along with a written explanation and this was a good revision for me.๐Ÿ˜‡

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